SBCA Liaquatabad AD Dileep Kumar becomes front man of Director Amir Kamal Jaffery.

Demolitions orders used to collect million of rupees from the illegal builders of Liaquatabad
Exclusive Report of
7th December 2019
Frere Road , Karachi.

An OPS Assistant Director of Liaquatabad SBCA Liaquatabad Dileep Kumar once again used demolitions orders for his personal interest as he used demolition order to fill his pockets full on Friday 6th December 2019. According to details SBCA authorities issued demolition order for the under construction illegal market cum flat site of Asif Memon on residential plot number of 517 block 6 Liaquatabad . AD Dileep went was given the written demolition orders for demolishing the illegal buildings of Asif Memon on plot number 517 block 7, so the AD went to the building and took his share amount from the builder and came back without even doing any cosmetic or fake demolitions. It may be noted that SBCA usually do fake cosmetic demolitions to fill the file all the Karachi, and its their typical modus operandi. But AD Dileep did not bother to even do that on the said plot.
Asif Memon kapary wala has been building illegal buildings on plots numbers 6/517 ,7/189 and 7/188 of Liaquatabad, previously he has built many dozens such buildings. A member of PPP who is known as a code name of shah G has been also protecting Asif Memon as he has become his Partner.
Sources maintain that Director Liaquatabad Amir Kamal Jaffery has given the task to AD Dileep Kumar for collection of multi million rupees from the builders mafia of Liaquatabad . Asif Memon ,Younus Memon, Rehan Muqeem, Khalid , Shakeel Police wala and others have given packages of their illegal buildings to AD Dileep Kumar for allowing them to build dozens of illegal 8 storied illegal buildings.
It may be note worthy that DG SBCA Zafar Ahsan has been promoting illegal constructions and buildings in the all areas of Karachi as he has been just focusing on accumulation his multibillion black money assets at the cost of the destruction of Karachi.

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