DG SBCA Zafar Ahsan gives Liaquatabad Town to Zia Kala for huge monthly Package amount.

Daily Yahoo News Exclusive Report
5th December 2019
Frere Road, Karachi.
Three members of illegal builders mafia of Liaquatabad managed to save their illegal buildings as fake demolitions were done to their illegal buildings on 4th Dec 2019 as a new system of promoting of iellga constructions has been tasked to Zia kala by the DG SCBA in lieu of heavy monthly Package amount.
According to details a demolition team of SBCA went to demolish various illegal buildings of Liaquatabad in the morning of 4th Dec 2019. SBCA team was being headed by the Assistant Director of Liaquatabad Dileep Kumar. Demolition Incharge Sajjad ul Hassan alias Kala Muna, Building Inspector Agha Sheraz,Gulzar and others were also included in the team. SBCA Team went to an illegal building of Dr Ishaq which was being built on plot number 9/50 Liaquatabad, Team just did photo sessions after making few holes on the floor of the buildings and completed cosmetic fake demolition as a phone call was received by the Team, the calling person directed them not to do any demolition so the team went out of the building after hearing the said phone call. Sources claim that Zia Ur Rehman alias Zia Kala made that call on behalf of DG SBCA office and the SBCA team was directed by him to leave the building without doing any further demolition. Nearly 2.5 lacs were also given to the SBCA Demolition Incharge Zia Ul Hassan alias Kala Muna by the builder.Earlier package of nearly 15 lacs was also given to SBCA officers for allowing the Construction of that illegal 7 storied building.
After that SBCA team went to the illegal 7 storied building of Younus memon on plot number 306 Qasimaabad where the same story was repeated and few lacs amount was given to the SBCA Team by the Builder Younus Memon, as per sources. so SBCA team did cosmetic demolition there too. As per reliable sources DG SBCA Zafar Ahsan has given the Liaquatabad Town to Zia Kala on a contract basis inlieu of heavy monthly package. On the other hand Asif Memon also manged to get his illegal under construction illegal market cum flat site protected from the Demolition team as Sajjad Ul Hassan Alias Kala Muna got huge amount and did not even went there to do any type of cosmetic demolition even.it may be re called that Sajjad Ul Hassan alias Kala Muna has been heading SBCA demolition squad for nearly two decades and many DGs have been replaced but he could not be transferred out from that most lucrative post.
DG Zafar Ahsan has been running his multimillion gratification money collection Racket through his close four aides, ie Imtiaz Sheikh, Zaheed Ustad, Zia Kala and Sajjad ul Hassan alias Kala Muna. Massive numbers of illegal constructions works are being processed via these four aides of DG Zafar Ahsan in exchange of heavy amount.

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