Deputy LQT Niaz Lund claims he is a puppet officer

Deputy Director Liaquatabad Niaz Hussain told Yahoo News that he has no power in his area, as the whole town is being controlled by the too much dubious Deputy Director Owais Ali illegally, his sub ordinates AD Ayaz Shahab and SBI Javed Qadeer have been also not paying any heeds towards his directions. As per law notices could be issued only by the Deputy of concerned Town but he has also no power for that in his area, Deputy Niaz told that he has become the dummy Deputy of his area as he has become powerless and all the powers are being used by Ayaz Shahab and Javed Qadeer in Liaquatabad.It may be noted that Deputy Dirrector Syeed Owais Ali has not been posted officially in Liaquatabad, but he has been acting like a DG for the four Towns of Karachi, as he has been given the fully authority to make any deal with any builder in those towns.

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