Liaquatabad becomes the hub for gambling , narcotics dens and street crimes

Laiquatabad Police has become helpless in front of criminals as dozens of gambling and narcotics dens are functioning 24 hours in various areas of Liaquatabad, specially in Babu street of Liaquatabad block 7 multiple dens of dabu gambling, Charas sellers and street criminals have been operating in that area, as area police has not been able to patrol in that peculiar street. Dozens of persons gather in that street whole night and they create a public nuisance as most of them use liquor and other narcotics and then make loud noises in that state. Area has been infested with street crimes and other types of crime activities due to that, area resident Yousuf who resides in Babu street told Yahoo News that those criminals have been often engaged in various crimes in that area. Various robberies have been committed in that street as street criminals have snatched jewelries from various females of that street on broad day light.armed men has also barged into the house Abdul Mateen during the wee hours in that street and took the valuables and mobile phones from the inside of his house. Multiple such crimes have been done in that street.

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