Illegal Buildings thrive in Karachi

Illegal buildings have been built in and numerous are in the process of building ni PECH and adjoining area with the collaboration of SBCA officials.
1) Addresse : house #5 karachi memon corp housing society block 7/8
Lal Mohammad chawdry road karachi
1)commercial use of residential property
2)2nd floor illegal construction

2) 42-B, Block-6, PECHS, Mahmood Hussain Road, Karachi
1)Illigal construction
2) commercial use of residential property

3) Head start 41-C, BLOCK-6, PECHS Dr. Mahmood Hussain Road Karachi.

1) Commercial use of residential property

4) Head start school House # 6 Karachi Memon corporative housing society block 7/8, Lal Mohammad chaudry road karachi .

1) Illigal construction (completion plan attached)
2) commercial use of residential property

5) 43/2D near Chinese consulate PECHS block 6 Karachi
1) commercial use of residential property

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