SBI Dileep Kumar takes million in the name of DG SBCA

Senior Building Inspector Liaquatabad Dileep Kumar has become partner in the constructions of three illegal shopping centers which are being built on residential plots by doing china cutting in B area of Liaquatabad, these three Markets or shopping malls are being built in B area of Liaquatabad near Wooden Taal on three plots located within the radius of 200 meters. Nearly 40 shops and G+5 floors are being built on these plots by doing china cutting. Dileep Kumar has been made partner in these may be reported that Dileem Kumar has been protecting nearly 70 illegal buildings being built in Liaquatabad, but nobody in SBCA has been able to control the base of corruption and transfer out Dileep Kumar from the area. Dileep Kumar has the support of one close aide of DG SBCA who has been supporting and protecting him so far on political grounds, for that Dileep Kumar claims that he provide funds to DG SBCA office so no body can transfer him out from Liaquatabad Town

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