SBCA Liaquatabad Town officers become partners in 2000 illegal buildings

SBCA Liquatabad officers have become partners of builders of illegal Buildings in each and every area of Liaquatabad, as SCBA officers have been taking nearly 12 to 15 lacs from each illegal buildings for allowing the constructions of these buildings in Liaquataba No 1 to 10 and B, B1, C , C 1 area and Sharifabad , Nazimabad area of Liaquatabad Town. although nearly 2000 buildings are being built in the whole Liaquatabad Town area of SBCA, list of few buildings are given below:Plot no .4/27, C-1,Area, G+4
plot no.8/28, C-1,area, G+4 plot no. 1-A/D, C-1,area, G+4 ,plot no.10/15, C-1,area, G+3,plot no. 14/13, C-1.area, G+3,plot no. 18/14, C-area, G+4,plot no. 22/11, C-area, G+4,plot no. 10/13, C-1.area, G+3,plot no. 16/12, C-1.area, G+3,plot no. 16/12, C-1.area, G+3,
Deputy Director of SBCA Liaquatabad has been specially protecting illegal construction of buildings on plots no 60 block 7 and plot no 406 block 5 Liaquatabad as these buildings are reportedly being built by the officers of SBCA Liauqatabad Town. These officers have major interests in the profit of these two may be noted that G+6 buildings are being built on hundreds of residential plots in Liaquatabad area without obtaining any structural approval etc, so these buildings are dangerous for human dwelling also, but All the officers of SBCA Liaquatabad Town have been only minting money and doing nothing.

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