MD KWSB Khalid Sheikh grossly failed to rectify massive sewerage problems

MD Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, KSWB . Khalid Mehmood Sheikh has been failed to perform his duties as nearly 70 percent of Karachi has been facing chronic Sewerage water spillages and massive lines chokes which has been causing massive difficulties in the routing lives of citizens of Karachi. Specially in Liaquatabad No 7 hundreds of Houses have been flooded with the Sewerage water as that stinky sewerage water has entered into the houses of area residents. An illegally promoted Officer of KWSB Zafar Malik has been running his racket and he has been minting money for many years, but no body in KWSB has been able to replace him from his seat, Zafar Malik has been enjoying the patronage of local Political set up of Liaquatabad for obvious reasons, No Kundi man does his duty in the area and these hundreds of Kundi men do private duties by taking thousands of rupees from the area residents due to the patronage of Zafar Malik. MD KWSB seemed unable to control his department and rectify the pathetic sewerage water problems in Liaquatabad despite his commitment made by himself to area residents. Houses No 20 to 40 Block 7 remains flooded by the sewerage water for most of the time,a retired Kundi man of KWSB Abbass clean the gutter lines by taking thousands of rupees from the area residents, irony is that Abbass’son is the local area kundi man of KWSB but he not seen any where performing his duties due to the patronage of area Superintendent and other offices of KWSB

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