Consensus developed for the creation of urban Province

All factions of MQM Pakistan, and PSP have reached under the verbal agreement that they would work for the better of Karachi and urban areas and would launch an struggle for the creation of new provinces in Sindh and other parts of Pakistan so that masses could solve their problems locally without using any remote control from non locals.Now Mohajir Province movement would be launched by these parties under different slogans, Pervez Mushraf would play the key role in the next election and he would reach Pakistan soon, sources maintain as Pervez Mushraf has the ability to unit all the factions of MQM Pakistan and PSP under one umbrella . Citizens of Pakistan could only be served best way by the creation of small administrative units all over Pakistan,as per conceived by the Pervez Mushraf in Local Government System in 2001. That system was developed to give most powers to the grass root level but it was failed by the vested interest circles, Now establishment has realized that creation of local administrative units are must for the security and sustained development of Pakistan

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