SBI , BIs get posting in LQT Town by paying advance Payments of 5 lacs rupees

Postings In SBCA Liaquatabad are being bought around 5 lacs rupees by the SBI and BIs of SBCA as that Town has become the most lucrative town for the constructions of illegal Buildings,Senior Buidling Inspectors and Building Inspectors of Liaquatabad have bought their posting by paying advance 5 lacs rupees to the concerned Local Government Minister’s office and other circles.Deputy Director of Liaquatbad No 1 to 10 Shahid Sheikh,BI Dileep Kumar,BI Agha Sheraz,BI Raza Khushk have been posted in Liaquatabad Town by reportedly advance amount to concerned persons, in return these Officers are earning at least monthly around more than 50 lacs per each officer as these officers are taking around 8 to 12 lacs from each G+6+PH illegal Buildings being built on residential plots by the builders of Liaquatabad. currently around 50 such new buildings are started per month in Liaquatbad No 5 to 10 only.Builders Sagheer,Taufique,Imran Anda Paratha.Adnan Chaddi,Shakeel, Asif Memon. Khalid, Faheem,Zishan and other dozens of builders have been building around nearly 50 illegal G+7 buildings in Liaquatabad No 5 to 10 area only.Each of above mentioned builder has been building around 8 building currently.These builders have build hundreds of illegal buildings in the same area during previous 10 years.

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