SBCA Liaquatabad officers play Noora Khushti

Senior Building Inspector LQT Town Raza Khusk and BI Agha Sheraz have become partners in nearly 60 illegal buildings being built in Liaquatabad No 5 to 10 and B1 , C1 area of Liaquatabad, sources maintain that the duo visits almost every illegal building and instead of report these under constructions building they strike a deal of nearly 12 lacs from each G+5 storied building. Builders have been rampantly building innumerous commercial flats types buildings on pure residential 80 yards plots.  SSGC , KWSB and KE have been providing utilities connections to these illegal flats by taking their share of bounty too by violating the Sindh High Court rulings. Deputy Director of Liaquatabad Town SBCA Shahid Shaikh and AD Imran Rizvi has been doing what they have been doing for years too!

Director  of LQT Town Abdul Hameed Zardari and even the DG SBCA Agha Maqsood Abbass have been unable to check these massive illegal mushroom growth of illegal buildings in Liaquatabad No.1 to 10.

Builders Taufique, Adnan, Zeshan, Sagheer, Mehtab,Zubair and others have converted the Liaquatabad residential plots to G+5 storied illegal buildings, SBCA field staff SBI Raza Khushk and BI Agha Sheraz whose responsibility is to curb these illegal buildings , have been promoting and taking huge chunk of money from these illegal builders. SBCA builders are busy in Noora Khushti for decades in the city and now they have been destroying the ever depleting infra structure of Liaquatabad rapidly.

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