More than 400 illegal weak structured five storied buildings built in Liaquatabad

Estate agents Taufique , Hamid, Feroz involved in construction of weak structured illegal buildings

SBCA  Officers of Liaquatabad Town have been endangering the lives of Residence of Liaquatabad by allowing the construction of weak structured buildings on small 45 and 80 yards residential plots for more than 10 years, as nearly three such buildings have been collapsed within few months  and dozens of innocents lives have been taken by the nexus of builders  mafia and SBCA Liaquatabad officers.

An Estate agent Taufique has been construction too weak structure buildings in Liaquatabad No 5 to 10 as  many  builders told Yahoo News that Taufique’s built  buildings are too dangerous to live in, but the Deputy Director of LIaquatabad Town, AD Raza Khushk, BI Agha  Sheraz have become partners with him by taking  12 to 20 lacs package per building from him, freshly posted Director Abdul Hameed Zardari has been also keeping mum for obvious reasons.

Builders Hamid  and Feroz     have been also constructing illegal five storied buildings in C1 and B1 area of  Liaquatabad, They have been involved in construction of dozens of   weak structured buildings, Structure and Vigilance  Departments of SBCA have been only minting money.

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