SBCA Liaquatabad protects 80 ongoing illegal constructions  

Two  front  men  of SBCA Officers in Liaquatabad have been collecting  million of rupees from the builders of Liaquatabad no. 1  to 10 , BI and C1 area by giving them assurance that their illegal buildings would not be demolished if they have been paid.  One Builder of area told Yahoo News that two persons are taking 10 lacs worth of protection money from the each area builders and claiming that if any builder did not pay the amount then his illegal building would be demolished, it may be recalled that nearly 80 illegal G+5 flats type building are being built by the builders/estate agents in the above  mentioned area. Director Abdul Hameed Zardari, Deputy Director, AD Raza Khushk and  BI Agha Siraj Ahmed have been unable to take any actions against the illegal buildings in LQT No 1 to 10 , B1 and CI area.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں