Broker Shahid Hussain demands bhatta from Asim of Anti Encroachment Department KMC

The broker , Shahid Hussain , who has now got adjusted himself in a local tv channel has been trying to black mail many government and miss behave with the senior Journalists. Shahid Hussain is basically known as a Middle man who used to get files cleared from the Sindh Building Control Authority by black mailing its officers.

An Anti Encroachment Officer of KMC Asim told Yahoo News that Shahid Hussain asked him to give a 60k bhatta amount to him, otherwise he would air News against him, upon his refusal to give bhatta amount to Shahid Hussain, a false news was aired against the Asim to put wrong pressure on may be noted that  Asim has been actively removing encroachment from sadder area, so  to put the pressure  on Asim, the black mailer Shahid concocted the matter and aired the some telephonic views of shopkeepers against the Asim. It is obvious that the concerned Shop keepers whose encroachments were removed by Asim were issuing threats to Asim when he was removing the encroachments of these Shop Keepers.  Asim efforts were rightly appreciated by the KMC Authorities  who issued him an appreciation letter few weeks ago for his  working against the Encroachments in Saddar.Asim told Media  that Shahid Hussain is a regular drinker and he is often found in KMC Sport Complex daily in the evening in a drunk condition.

Middle man of SBCA Shahid Hussain also issued threats to the Editor of Daily Yahoo News  when he warned Shahid Hussain that he was earlier found using Yahoo News name so he should not do that in future, Shahid Hussain prior to joining to TV channels was found to use Yahoo News for his personal benefits etc.

It may be noted that Shahid Hussain is known for his bhatta collection from the officers of SBCA for many years. Various investigating agencies have been also collecting evidence against him.

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