Water and power supply closed for Liaquatabad for weeks

Liaquatabad has been worst hit by the severe dearth of Water and Power. There is no water in Liaquatabad for more than two weeks , and Electricity has been also absent from the area as daily light goes at 11 am morning and comes after 6 pm. Specially block 7 is worst hit by that chaos , and No KWSB officers is able to rectify the problem. Nisar a resident of Liaquatabad No 7 told Yahoo News that Liaquatabad has become the worst locality for living as there is not infrastructure present in the area. And NO UC Chairman, MPA MNA etc has been coming forward to solve the problems of the area. So Liauqatabad has become a big orphan house of the City.
On the other hand builders mafia with the full partner ship of SBCA officers have been converting residential plots into multistoried 6 floors buildings inspite of severe dearth of Water , power , gas and Sewerage system. Specilly AD SBCA LQT Imran Rizvi , Building Inspector Dileep Kumar, Directos Zafar Ahan has been taking million of rupees per month from the hundreds of Illegal buildings being built in LQT area.

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