AD Imran Rizvi and BI Liaquatabad Town earn million

Estate agent mafia of Liaquatabad has destroyed the  already depleted infra structure of Liaquatabad with the full connivance  of SBCA officers as hundreds of illegal buildings have been built on pure residential plots of Liaquatabad, SBCA field officers specially AD Imran Rizvi and Building Inspector Dileep Kumar have been taking package deals from all the builders of Liqauatabad for protecting their illegal activities.

Recently Illegal building are bing built on plot nos. 5/531. 5/532 ,5/545, 5/918. 3/1 .6/2.12/2,12/27,6/26. Further  more many dozens of illegal buildings are being built in B 1 area. It may be noted that all the packages of these buildings have been taken by AD Imran Rizivi and BI Dileep Kumar.  Talking to Yahoo News both of these officers told that they have been trying to control the menace of illegal buildings but still they are unable due to certain reasons. It maybe noted that that each builders of LQT no. 5 to 10 has been giving huge package deal to the concerned officers , each and every building is being built in Liaquatabad after reaching an package deal with the concerned AD and BIs.

Director LQT  Town Zafar Ahsan has also been taking  direct deals with the certain elements for promoting these illegal buildings

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