SBCA  Liaquatabad officers mint money by doing cosmetic demolitions

SBCA liquataabad Town took 80 lacs from the builders of Liaquatabad on the guise of demlotinon orders issued by the DG OF SBCA. SBCA DG was getting numerous complaints against that illegal constructions being carried on in LIaquatabad NO 1 to 10, so he issued demotion directions.  AD and BI of these areas took 5 lacs rupees from each site to do the cosmetic demolition, they took  that amount from each illegal building, AD took Nearly 2 lacs and BI took 1.5. so the AD of Demolition section of SBCA also took 1.5 lacs , and the SBCA Police  also took 50,000 from each builders, more than 150 illegal buildings are being built in Liaquatabad  Town.

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