A close relative of Director LQT acts as a Director of SBCA

A close relative of Director Liaquatabad Zafar Ahsan has become the non official Director for the builders mafia of Liaquatabad as all the files approval are being channelized from the hand of Haider who is the close relative of Zadar Ahsan. All Major plans are being approved with the consent of Haider, sources maintain, DG SBCA is also unable to take any corrective measures for that.
On the other hand ,Estate Agents, Feroz, Sagheer, Taufique estate agent, Mehmood, Maqsood and other have been constructing nearly 200 illegal flats types buildings in Liaquatabad Town on pure residential plots. All the packages of illegal buildings are being taken for 12 to 16 lacs rupees for G+5 floor flat type building in main Liaquatabad area

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