Illegal Builders jubilated after the posting of Director Zafar Ahsan in LQT

DG SBCA is unable to take any concrete action for the ending of mushroom growth of illegal buildings in Liaquatabad Town, as various builders have once again bought many residential plots to build illegal flat sites in Liaquatabad , which would certainly destroy the diminishing infrastructure of the area. The whole water, Sewerage , Gas and roads structures have been already destroyed , but the appointment of Zafar Ahsan as the Director of SBCA Liaquatabad Town has jubilated the builders mafia, area builders have reported that now they have been given more freehand to build illegal constructions as they have been given full support by the Director Zafar Ahsan for that, A brother in law of Zafar Ahsan namely Haider has also been actively constructing dozens of illegal buildings in the area.

Estate Agents cum Builders, Feroz,  Sagheer estate agent, Taufique estate agent, Mehmood, Maqsood and other builders have been constructing nearly 200 illegal flats types buildings in Liaquatabad Town on pure residential plots. All the packages of illegal buildings are being taken for 12 to 16 lacs rupees for G+5 floor flat type building in main Liaquatabad area.Building Inspector Nadeem Ullah and brother in law of Director Zafar Ahsan, Haider have been acting as the middle agent for the Director office.
The above mentioned persons are basically estate agents who have been turned into Construction Business by investing others persons capital as due to the high rate of return many persons are investing their money in that illegal construction business.

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