Brother of Director SBCA Zafar Ahsan becomes a builder

Brother of Director SBCA  Zafar Ahsan has become a builder of illegal constructions and he has built dozens of Building in Paposh, Nazimabad , Liaquatabad , but after the Posting of Zafar Ahsan in Liaquatabad Town , his builder brother has turned his attention towards Liaquatabad and now he has been building many dozens buildings in Liaquatabad Town directly or indirectly. Brother of zafar has deputed his front men so these front men have been taking all the packages for approval of Plans of all illegal constructions in Liaquatabad . BI Nadeem Ullah who was suspended and then reinstated in one day has also been acting like a front man and many dozens builders of  Liaquatabad have been submitting their building plans through him, although these plans are approved for G+2 but in reality builders built G+5 on pure residential plots.

New G+5 building are being built on plot no 3 &4/38 BI area, 144/120  C 1 area. These two buildings are being built by Freoz Builder, An other builder Rashid has been constructing  illegal building  on Residential  plot no.  1/7 C 1 area. LQT. Earlier Hamid builder also built many illegal building in B 1 area. BI Nadeem Ullah who has been transferred out from the area for his involvement in the construction of illegal building , has been taking  majority of packages from that area due to his connections in the area. Nadeem was inducted in SBCA on political basis.he uses that party name for personal gains too reportedly.

On the other hand Illegal portions/flats types  G+5,buildings  are being built on plot nos:

5/705,5/392,5/305,5/618,5/625,5/755,6/554,7/20,7/163,7/165 and many  dozens of plots in Liaquatabad block 5 to 10. These buildings are being built by Shakeel Police wala, Imran Anda Paratha, Sagheer, Taufique and other dozens of builders and estate agents. SBCA DG Agha has been apprised of all that matter but he does not take any concrete corrective measures to stop that menace of illegal buildings, only fake cosmetic demolitions are made just to fill the files and save their necks.

Yahoo News tried to take a version of Zafar Ahsan but he did not pick and reply back the calls and messages sent to his numbers

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