Careem comes for the rescue of Karachiites

Careem has  become a major relief  for the Karachiites as not body from Sindh Govt and other circles    were caring for the citizens of Karachi, Citizens were left for the mercy of Pathetic Transport  mafia,who were fleecing Karachiites  with the full criminal patronage of Sindh Govt and its accomplices. More than 5 lacs Auto Rickshaws  have been looting the citizens for many years as they don’t have any fare meters and charge highly excessive amount.

A DIG traffic once told Yahoo News that he cant  orders  his subordinates for fining these Auto Mafia who were looting the Public as Sindh Govt has been directing him not to do any thing against Auto Rickshaw  Mafia. Traffic police  takes actions against only for the bikers and officers have been fleecing the lower middle class bikers only. It may be pertinent that City Traffic        system could not be straightened out unless it is run by local government .PPP govt recently gave 800 jobs to their supporters and Activists in Karachi Traffic  Police who would come on the roads of Karachi in March after completion of their training , these Traffic constables have been hired for 22,000   per month salary, and they are belonged from interior of Sindh, one can  wonder how a person’s coming from interior of Sindh along family can live  in Karachi at a salary of 22.000 per month, they would certainly loot the public as their officers are doing.

Careeem which comes to the door step of any commuter in less than 5 minutes  and charges much less fares than Auto Rickshaws , has been gaining much popularity and it has become the great relief for the Karachiites. Initially you can order careem rides from smart phones by downloading its app, commuter is given all the details of careem captain(chauffeur) along his Picture, mobile No, Car registration Numbers etc at the timing of booking of ride and every careem car is monitored  via GPS by the Careem control room, so careem has a high degree of safety and performance. Careem Captains are found respectful to commuters and take routes on the direction of commuters.

On the other side Auto Rickshaws have been looting public, even criminal elements have become the drivers of Auto Rickshaws  and they rob off the commuters on one and other pretext and often miss behave verbally and physically. Karachiites have  started boycotting the Auto Rickshaws and turning towards Careem now.

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