No Transport System for Karachi as Sindh Govt loots Karachiites

No Transport System prevails in Karachi as Sindh Government and Sindh Police have become partners for looting the Citizens of Karachi, 80 Percent Auto Rickshaws are owned by Policemen and other influential groups and these Rickshaws have been fleecing Public blatantly.
Not a single Auto Rickshaw has been charging as per approved legal rates of 9 rupees per KM as every Rickshaw has been charging nearly 50 rupees for even one Km distance. Traffic Police is not taking any serious and durable action against the Rickshaw and transport mafia so Citizens have been left abandoned mercilessly.
There is not a single Monitoring Cell in Traffic Police which can enforce the fares of Rickshaws , there are more than 5 lacs Rickshaws in Karachi but not a single Rickhaw have a fare meter installed .

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں