Pervez Musharaf set to lead Urdu Speaking Community

Pervez Musharaf set to lead Urdu Speaking Community

Karachi, 11th Feb 2017
Pervez Mushraf is ready to provide leadership to Urdu Speaking community as all the factions of Local MQM and PSP have agreed to give him full support, Inside sources maintain. Dr.Ishratul Abad, Saleem Shezad , PSP and Farooq Sattar all are willing to accommodate Pervez Mushraf as a uniting figure for all Urdu Speakers. Sources maintain that establishment have also given its full support and that scenario would be clear in few weeks.
In the next Election of 2018 PTI has been termed to form federal govt with the support of concerned establishment .PSP , Local MQM factions and Urdu Speaking leaders would be given an opportunity to be successful in Sindh Elections under the leadership of Pervez Musharaf. PML would be limited to some parts of Punjab as the PPP would be encircled in some parts of interior Sindh, PPP and PML N would not be able to gain their earlier strength in next elections. Supreme Court is likely to give a lethal dent into PML N govt in coming days. Month of March is seemed a decisive month for the time being.
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