Liaquatabad drowned with Sewerage water

Liaquatabad drowned in Sewerage water

Liaquatabad has been drowned and flooded in sewerage water as Karachi Water and Sewerage Board has been utterly failed, Entire area of Liaquatabad No 1 to 10 has been neglected by KWSB and other Government personalities due to their sheer incompetency and corrupt practice, Liaauatabad No. 5,6,7 have been more effected as  SE Central and his team including Executive  Engineer Sewerage, Zafar Malik have not been taking any serious interests for solving and rectifying the severe  sewerage flooding menace , Nisar Ahmed a resident of block 7 Liaquatabad told Yahoo News that Zafar Malik has been the main cause of the problem as he has been earlier demoted from the orders of superior courts but has been not been removed and he has been given an OPS charge of the area. Journalists Asim and Shafiq who resides near C-1 area Liaquatabad told that  area and houses are also flooded with the sewerage water and no body is taking any corrective measures despite complaining for many months, Hundreds of houses in Liaquatabad No.7 have also been flooded with sewerage water as the water has entered into the houses premises, Corrupt KWSB officers laid down faulty and small diameter  Sewerage lines in Liaquatabad No 7 and adjacent areas, and these gutter lines have been constructed few foot above the houses level which has been causing great problems as when ever gutter lines are choked then   water enters into the area homes. Earlier the Corrupt District Central Administrations  also built back alley’s roads on above the houses plinth level so back alley’s roads have been elevated above the homes and  causing severe problems for the area. So due to the corrupt practice of DMC and KWSB officer’s Corruption, roads in back of house and front of houses have been constructed on elevated way instead of first digging and then level playing the ground base. Now area houses have been deepened many feet from the back  sides so the gutter lines also have been constructed on these  elevated roads illegally and non professionally. Now whenever the sewerage lines are choked and they are  choked often then the  who filthy water comes into the houses directly through back flow and gutter  lines. No area   MNA , MPA and UC Members have been taking any serious  notice for that severe problem and dwellers of Liaquatabad have been left on the mercy of Corrupted Sindh Government which only destroys the City infrastructure. MD Water Board a PPP man , Misbah Fareed does  not even care to pick calls or reply any text messages of area residents who pays regularly KWSB bills. Minister for Local Government Jam  Khan Shroo has a zero interests for solving city problems as he is occupied with his party interests only. Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhter never visits Liaquatabad area also.

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